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There is no doubt that Account Based Marketing is very much ‘in’ when it comes to driving business-to-business marketing. Much has been written about the various techniques one should use in terms of building databases to facilitate effective Account Based Marketing campaigns.


Why knowledge is power for your international marketing campaigns

For many companies growing their businesses abroad, there is a common misconception that one size fits all with marketing practices amongst global market audiences. What works for businesses in the UK is often very different to localised global markets, and the way localised audiences interact and engage with businesses.


The “New Consumer” versus the “New Customer”

With a limited attention span and no loyalty, the “New Consumer” has the choice to consume whatever they want, when they want to via whichever means. If this is the case, then brands need to focus their strategy on how to really connect and engage with the “new consumer”.


The role of data in a world of Marketing Automation

B2B organisations are investing in marketing technology at an accelerating rate. In fact, IDC predicts that CMOs will drive up to $32.3B in marketing technology spend by 2018. This phenomenal growth has big implications for B2B marketers in relation to their data.


Data Legislation has changed for the better!

As of 6th April, the law on nuisance calls and texts has changed.

For the old legislation to be applied, one would have to prove “substantial damage or substantial distress” from nuisance calls, which let’s face it, is very subjective.


Why an external EMEA Marketing Database should be a key part of your marketing strategy

Moving into 2015, digital marketing and content are high priorities for marketers and business owners alike, as increased use of online channels allows businesses to target wider audiences across the global market place. One of the main challenges facing marketers is personalizing their marketing efforts and engaging wide audiences. Whilst digital channels offer good exposure to target markets and promote brand awareness, they lack the ability to communicate on a one-to-one basis.


Who knows what the future holds? - 3 Data Trends in 2015

Each year January sees a plethora of predictions for the coming year. Some of these turn out to be accurate, others not.
But as marketers, we need to look forward for not wanting to miss out on opportunities that arise. So we have thrown our hat in the ring and made three predictions for the coming year.