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MI Europe is a premium international B2B marketing list, which helps your business grow by giving you access to key decision makers of leading companies, within your chosen industry, to build your sales pipeline and deliver significant ROI.

Opt-in B2B mail Data

With over 10 years of extensive research in building this EMEA Marketing Database, our unrivalled contact profiling offers high quality opt-in email addresses, with an average recency of just six months, for your lead generation, lead nurturing and email marketing campaigns.

Already Fully Compliant

There is much coverage of the implementation of the EU Data Protection Regulation and how this might affect direct marketing and email marketing across Europe. MI Europe is the only international B2B marketing list already compliant with all aspects of the proposed data protection regulation!

Key Facts

  • 300,000+ decision makers within the EMEA Marketing Database
  • 150+ job functions
  • 220,000+ personalised opt-in email addresses
  • 72,500+ enterprise and corporate companies across EMEA
  • Average recency of just 6 months
  • Our B2B Email data is legislation compliant

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To find out how MI Europe will benefit your business and improve your direct marketing, call one of our data planners today, who will only be more than happy to help.

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